I Smell A Marathon!: What Sci-Fi Series Should I Watch On Netflix?, The Flowchart

May 12, 2011


Note: Trying to follow that tiny-ass picture will only end with you throwing up your arms, yelling 'screw it all!' and watching porn. Click HERE for the full-size, legible version.

If you're anything like me, you're a terrible decision maker. And not just because you find it hard to make decisions, but you always make the most terrible ones. Thankfully, SFSignal created this handy (no, not like an HJ) flowchart to follow so you can at least make a reasonable decision when it comes to which sci-fi series to watch on Netflix. You just start in the middle, answer some simple questions, and next thing you know, BOOM -- you're streaming Xena: Warrior Princess. "Haha, it's funny about your note at the top, because that is like porn to me." Yeah? Well that is like, way too much information to me. "Mmmm, but when she's high-kicking in that little leather outfit..." I SAID KEEP YOUR AMAZONIAN FANTASIES TO YOURSELF, PERVERT. Nobody wants to hear about the time you dreamed you caught her throwing disk on your wiener like a carnival game.

Which SciFi Series Should You Watch on NetFlix? This Handy Flowchart Will Help You Decide! [sfsignal]

Thanks to SarahV, who doesn't need charts to make decisions. Lucky!

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