I Prefer Gasoline: Another Day, Another 'Wake Up To The Smell Of Bacon' Alarm Clock

May 12, 2011


The whole 'wake up to the smell of bacon' alarm isn't a new concept. As a matter of fact, we posted the Wake n' Bacon wood version almost three years ago. That was before you even finished kindergarten! "Uh, that would make me like eight now." Hoho, and it looks like you've learned a lot in the meantime! This is the BAKON alarm clock, it works the exact same as the last one. You put a couple pieces of frozen bacon in the night before, set the alarm for 15-minutes before you want to wake up, and you're gently stirred from your slumber by the savory smell of heating bacon. Or, if your nose is clogged, to a grease fire. Either way, it's better than a cat sitting on your face with its bare @$$hole.

Hit the jump for 9-seconds of 'why did you even bother making a video of that?' But did that stop me from posting it? Awh hell naw.

Bacon Alarm Clock: Wake and Bakon [technabob]

Thanks to Fats Waller, who clearly wakes up to the sounds of sweet-ass jazz every morning. OMG -- I loved you in Stormy Weather!

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