May 8, 2011


'Raspberry Pi' is a $25 computer on a USB drive. It's also delicious, so I'm more than a little miffed I don't have anything but a half gallon of Juicy Juice and a single expired yogurt in the fridge right now. Oh -- what's this?! Moldy cottage cheese. *tastes, begins retching in sink* What? You never know!

[Game developer David] Braben has developed a tiny USB stick PC that has an HDMI port on one end and a USB port on the other. You plug it into an HDMI socket and then connect a keyboard via the USB port, giving you a fully functioning machine running a version of Linux. The cost? $25. The hardware being offered is no slouch either. It uses a 700MHz ARM11 processor coupled with 128MB of RAM and runs OpenGL ES 2.0, allowing for decent graphics performance with 1080p output confirmed...

David plans to distribute the computers through the Rasberry Pi Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at teaching programming to children. Programming?! You know what we should teach to children instead? Manners. I was walking the dogs earlier and a six year old called me a little bitch TO MY FACE. I tried to pretend it didn't bother me but eventually I ran home crying.

Hit the jump for another shot and video explanation by David (NOT after the dentist) himself.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation
Game developer David Braben creates a USB stick PC for $25 [geek]
A $25 PC On a USB Stick [slashdot]

Thanks to JGD, who once made a chocolate-covered banana on a stick that couldn't access the internet but could access my stomach. GET IN THERE, STICK AND ALL!

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