Want: Weighted Companion Cube Sweater

May 11, 2011


Would also look good with two chest portals I'M JUST SAYIN'.

This is a Weighted Companion Cube sweater hand-knit by Tumblr'er Monday. Personally, I like my lady's weighted sweater companions less cubey and more spherical. BOOBS I'M TALKING ABOUT BOOBS. I love them and I'm never gonna stop!

Steamed length to sleeves. Ends all mostly weaved in. Underarm gaps sewn shut. Blocking done. Center heart duplicate stitched to add depth.

Total time to knit: 10 days.

Now let us never speak of this again.

Admittedly, even as a man (okay, boy) I'd still wear the hell out of that thing. I don't even care if it has hearts on it. You know why? Because I already wear my heart on my sleeve anyways!!!!!!11 I HATE YOU ALL.

Monday's Tumblr
For The Ladies: Knitted Companion Cube sweater by monday [albotas]

Thanks to Chris, who cut two portals in the asscheeks of his jeans thinking he was starting a new fashion trend. How's that working out for you? "Drafty."

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