Bionic Hand For Guy With Nonfunctional Original One: HIGH FIV-- AAAAAAAHH!!

May 19, 2011


Luke Skywalker's can't even do that!

Seen here looking suspiciously like it was put on wrong, 24-year old Austrian amputee Patrick Nolastname shows off his new bionic hand. Patrick lost function of his left hand (that's my good one!) after being electrocuted on the job (NOT in the bedroom), and opted to have it amputated and replaced with a bionic version. The hand's functions are still mind controlled, not unlike a normal hand. There's a video of Patrick showing off just how easily he can open bottles and tie his shoes (I still can't!) after the jump. Good lookin', Patrick. Personally, I would have opted for a traditional hook, but that's just me AND I'M A FEARFUL PIRATE. *scratching crotch* Haha, I tore my balls open again didn't I? Please tell me one didn't unravel.

Hit the jump for a video demo of the I refuse to arm wrestle in action.

Amputee Patrick demonstrates his new bionic hand [bbcnews]

Thanks to Tom, who once jammed his biotic foot so far up a guy's ass he lost a pinky toe.

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