Sonic The Hedgehog Flipbook Video

May 23, 2011


Unless you know of another, better Sonic the Hedgehog flipbook video, in which case WHERE THE F*** WAS THE TIP, BOJO?! You're making me look stupid out here. This is a Sonic the Hedgehog themed flipbook by Youtube user BloodyRenegadeX. It's worth a watch. Plus I embedded two of his other Sonic flipbooks after the jump as well, but he has a whole bunch of different ones on his Youtube channel with other video game characters if you're really committed to not working today. Which -- I applaud you if you are. *flap flap flap* "Yeaaaaaaaah, that didn't sound like applause, that sounded like somebody beating their penis against a mousepad." *whistling*

Hit the jump for three Sonic flipbook videos and a link to BloodyRenegadeX's Youtube channel with a whole bunch more books of flips.

BloodyRenegadeX's Youtube Channel

Thanks to Charlie H., Nicole and sonofabizz, who all flip banned books out the trunks of their cars. Got any nudie pop-ups?

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