Half-Life Lambda Logo Scarification On Leg

May 12, 2011


This is a picture of a chick that got the Half-Life lambda logo cut out (link to way more brutal scarification post) of her leg. At least I think it's a chick. If it's not a chick those are the smoothest man-legs I've ever seen. Besides mine. I went in for a Brazilian wax and came out as hairless as the day I was born! "Ugh, shut up." Oh I'm sorry, am I making you hot? "No, you're making me pukey is what you're making me." Soooooooooo -- you don't want to hear about all the ingrown hairs? Makes my privates look like a raw turkey, I'm just sayin'!

Hit the jump for a slightly squeamish-er shot of the scar prior to healing.


"Hey catch me later, I'll buy you a beer." [bmezine]

Thanks to Heather, who was considering a head-crab scar before deciding the gnarly gash she got from falling off her bike would suffice.

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