Guitar Built From Decommissioned AK-47

May 24, 2011


Seen here looking happier than a kid on Christmas that just opened exactly what he wanted instead of an empty box (very funny, dad), César López plays his AK-47 Stratoblaster (I'm trying, work with me here).

César López, a sculptor of Columbian extraction, has achieved both artistic and political successes adapting guns into guitars--then playing them on the streets of Bogota. The instruments are called escopetarras, a portmanteau of the Spanish escopeta meaning "rifle" and guitarra meaning, well, guitar.

And in the context of a drug and money fueled war raging in South America's cocaine Mecca for over two decades now, for López the escopetarra is a statement about the current climate of his native country.

López does not sell his creations nor does he expect money from patrons of his music. Rather he hopes listeners take away from his work that, in his own words, "in the end the gun dies and the guitar is born.''

As much as I would love to see one of Cesar's streetside shows and take away that "in the end the gun dies and the guitar is born" I'd be much more likely to take away, oh I dunno, running and screaming, "OMG IT'S A GUN HE'S GONNA KIDNAP ME!"

Hit the jump for two more shots(!) and a video of the seriously, message aside that has bad idea written all over it.



A Capp-a-Fella Instruments: Guitars Become Guns and Guns Become Guitars [guns]

Thanks to Max, who has a piano made out of a tank so there.

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