Geekologie Reader's Minimalistic Pokémons

May 18, 2011


Geekologie Reader and graphic designer extraordinaire Natalie Al-Tahhan went and created 10 minimalistic Pokémon designs as part of a series she calls 'Essence of Pokémon'. Admittedly, I've never actually smelled a Pokémon before, but I have made the mistake of sniffing my own boxers before throwing them in the wash (I'm sick -- I can't help it!), so I'm gonna go ahead and go out on a limb here and (after carefully climbing over a bird's nest) say the essence of Pokémon > the essence that made my pass out and hit my head on a dryer in my apartment building's laundry room. Now I'm not saying we should grind up Pokémons and make perfume out of them, but you and I both know there's a market for that and people would be willing to pay good money. So here's the plan: you toss down a Pokéball, I'll throw a pillow case over whatever comes out, then you beat it with a stick till it's dead. I've already made friends with a cart-collector at the local grocery store, so we should be able to sneak in and use a meat-grinder after hours. We could even sell Pokéburgers on the side! *eyes turn into $ signs*

Hit the jump to see 'em all.











Dinosaurs and Cake (Natalie's blog) OMG -- I love both those things!

Thanks Natalie, now how about an "Essence of Dino Peen" series? Just a thought.

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