Functional Urinal Made Of SNES Games

May 20, 2011


Rehydrate man, your piss is brown!

This is fully functional urinal made of Super Nintendo game cartridges. If you're questioning its legitimate-ness, hit the jump for a closeup of the stale urine in the bottom and a video of it getting pissed in (note: NOT for the weak of heart bladder). There's even step-by-step instructions in case you want to build your own! And who doesn't? Not me -- my roommate's sink works fine!

Building a video game urinal takes about eight hours of labor and costs roughly $200-250 (not counting the video games).

DISCLAIMER: No good games were damaged in the making of this video. All the video games used in this urinal were already broken or worthless sports games.

Not gonna lie, I'm not convinced that thing will stand up to health code. Oooooooor me passing out drunk mid-stream and collapsing into it. "Bro -- hey bro! You okay? You've got a Star Fox cartridge stuck to you wiener." Stop staring at my peen I WAS DOIN' A BARREL ROLL.

Hit the jump for a puddle of piddle, a video demonstration, and a link to the how-to page.


How To Build a Video Game Urinal [pricecharting]

Thanks to JJ Henricks, who actually built the thing. Give it to me straight JJ -- can it handle a deuce?

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