Finally: A Steering Wheel With More Buttons

May 13, 2011


You know, I was just stuck in LA traffic the other day mercilessly beating my head on the steering wheel hoping to die when I realized, "you know what this wheel really needs? A desk more buttons." Well, I guess Porsche was listening when designing the wheel for their upcoming 911 GT3 Hybrid! Damn I just want to mash all of those aside, there's also another interesting feature. See it? Look at the middle dial on the left. Notice anything? They all go up to 11. That's some futuristic technology if I've ever seen it! 10? Pfft, this shit goes 11. *cranks them all the way being tearing the dials off* EAT MY DUST LEFTOVERS, HOSEBAGS! "Leftovers?" Yeah, there's still half a tuna-melt in the fridge -- I'm out! *VrrooooOOOOOOOOOM -- CRASH!* Oh shi-shi. *fleeing the scene on foot*

Porsche Build's World's Coolest Steering Wheel [wired]

Thanks to Bakker, who once tore his steering wheel off in a fit of road rage and plowed into the back of a truck. Ha, and they won't give me a license!

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