Eye Candy(!!!!!11): Awesome Eyelid Art

May 26, 2011


This is a gallery of DeviantARTist KatieAlves' (aka Katie Alves) awesome eyelid art. Which -- if eyes really are the windows to the soul, then Katie's work are the Picassos of window treatments. Sure beats the dirty towel my neighbor tacks up in his office window while he masturbates, that's for sure. Ooh ooh -- now paint mine to look like my eyes are always open so I can sleep through this business meeting. No lie, it's a meeting about other f***ing meetings. An Inception meeting, if you will.

Hit the jump for a bunch more, and a link to Katie's DeviantART page with even more, plus some bonus lip work!







Katie's DeviantART Page

Thanks to Brittany, whose eyes already look like two lil planets THAT I WANNA BE MAROONED ON.

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