Colors!: Pac-Man Scene Recreated In Light

May 25, 2011


Note: Worthwhile higher-res version HERE because justice is a dish best served...larger? *pounding cheeseburgers*

This is a scene from Pac-Man recreated with lights and lasers and an open camera shutter by photographer Michael Bosanko. Pretty cute, right? Pac-Man is all, "I'mma gobble this dot!" and the ghosts are all, "not if we have anything to do with it!" Just kidding, ghosts can't actually talk except for "BOO!", which isn't even a word, just a sound. Plus they moan. Which is why I'm convinced there's a couple living in the apartment next door. Did I mention they also beat their headboard against the wall in lieu of dragging chains? Because they do that too. God, at least Casper didn't keep me up at night.

Michael's Website (prints available, plus a literal ton of other cool laser/light shots)

Thanks to Snowflake, who's one of a kind. And to Michael, for letting me use the picture and being a cool dude about it (you'd be surprised).

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