Eye Candy: Mesmerizing Swinging Balls Video

May 4, 2011


Not mine -- mine are hypnotizing.

This is a video of one of those swinging ball desk toys (aka Newton's Cradle) but with different length droopers (mine drag on the floor), creating all sorts of crazy-ass designs. I just watched it twice back to back (the second time with my eyes unfocused) and I'm pretty sure I spotted the secret to the universe at one point. SPOILER: It was a pop-up porn ad. "A gay one?" Four hunks in a bubble bath!

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video but, WARNING: may cause dizziness.

The most beautiful video ever? [richardwiseman]

Thanks to Church, who once mesmerized an entire living room full of bachelorette party attendees with his own swinging balls trick. Ooh ooh -- teach me!

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