Domino Pyramid Collapses Near Completion

May 27, 2011


Because there's no greater joy in life than the smile of a child someone else's misfortune, this is a video of a guy building a 13,000 piece domino pyramid, and having it collapse on him as it nears completion. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! It's the simple things, you know?

This would have been the biggest 3D domino pyramid on YouTube and very probably in the world (not a Guinness record though, they don't have such a category yet), with a bottom layer of 27x27 dominoes and 13,482 pieces in total, but there seems to be some kind of Egyptian curse on domino pyramids. I didn't even make a mistake here, it toppled all by itself when it was more than 96% completed, with just 439 dominoes missing :-(

Probably frequently asked questions:

- This took about 30 hours of actual work, spread over five weeks.
- I AM FINE. First, it would be much worse if I had actually messed it up -- but it wasn't my fault, as you can see in the video. Second, I've been a domino-builder for more than eleven years, so it's not the first time I have to cope with a project toppling too early. I wasn't even really sad, just dull.

"I wasn't even really sad, just dull." Whoa, when a person stops feeling feelings -- that's when you know it's bad. If I were him I probably wouldn't have been able to get out of bed the next day. FOR A YEAR. And then only to pee and eat a gallon of ice cream. I guess you could say I'm a woman's needs. SHOW US YOUR TITS!

Hit the jump for a time lapse of the build, real-time of the collapse.


Thanks to Mordeth, who -- wait a minute -- from The Wheel of Time series? I'm not helping you carry any gold!

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