Deadly Debutantes: Disney Princess Warriors

May 16, 2011


Note: The artist asked me to remove the pictures because you're all a bunch of shameful shit-talkers whose parents are embarrassed of. You can still see them by visiting his DeviantART (link after jump).

This is a series of digital paintings of Disney princesses reimagined as all sorts of different fighters/warriors by digital artist Josh MC. I'm gonna go ahead and be the first to say they should definitely make this into an animation. I'm thinking something with a lot of toplessness. "And pillow fights?!" Yes, and pillow fights. And -- AND -- pillow talk. *tee-hee-hee* I think I have a crush on that boy Bobby at school!

Hit the jump for seven more femme fatales.


Josh's DeviantART
Disney Princess Fighters [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Bronson, who insists his estranged brother Bunsen stole all the credit for the burner they designed together.

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