Data From Star Trek TNG Raps About His Cat

May 24, 2011


Seen here about to learn the hard way that kitty kisses are only for people who like the taste of cat ass, Data spends a tender moment with his cat Spot. And this is rap about Spot set to Dr. Dre's 'Next Episode', as edited by Dan Bull from a poem Data recites in the season six Next Generation episode, 'Schisms'. I was so inspired I just wrote one about my dog Chloe, set to Dre's 'Forgot About Dre '.

♫ Hey Chlo-e, still the same ol' d

with no pedigree
hated on by most of these purebreeds
with no treats, no love, no fetch, no collar and no squeaks
no walks, no park and a bunch of fleas
mad at you cause
you can finally afford to lay around & sleep ♫

Hit the jump for the video and a picture of Chloe cause she's always wanted to be internet famous. I'll get around to recording her version eventually.



Thanks to Simon, whose beats are so fresh you'd swear they were hand-picked this morning (they weren't though is the thing, he just managed to get his hands on some space-age preservatives).

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