Darth Vader Plays Trombone Salsa Routine To A Roomful Of Snoozing Senior Citizen

May 18, 2011


No need for Force chokes, Vade -- they'll die on their own.

Ever wanted to see an ultra-enthusiastic Darth Vader playing a trombone salsa routine to a roomful of uninterested senior citizens? Today's your lucky day!

Stormtrooper Mime: *How was it?*
Trombone Vader: Dude it's deader than the Death Star out there.
Stormtrooper Mime: *Like playing Alderaan?*
Trombone Vader: Worse. Plus you can smell the urine. I think one blue-hair in the front even shat!

Hit the jump for the 'SURPRISE -- heart-attacks for lunch!' in action.


Thanks to Danny, who used to perform a magic routine at retirement homes until an old lady bit him for sorcery.

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