'Smallville' Finale Freakout Video: Damn, Bro!

May 20, 2011


SPOILER ALERT: Last six minutes of Smallville.

Ever wanted to hear a guy go completely f***ing nuts watching the series finale of Smallville? Even if you don't know it yet, you do. This is the kind of shit I live for (plus nipples and beer). Dude's like the double rainbow guy on triple the LSD WTF with an unhealthy mix of female hormone injections and boner pills on the side. I'm pretty sure he "completes". It may be fake, it may be real, but it is definitely a reminder of just how little I feel inside. It's true folks, I'm like a shell. A SHELL HOUSING ONE BADASS NINJA TURTLE. *karate kick!*

Hit the jump for six minutes of damn bro, calm down before you hurt yourself!

Smallville Fan Finale Fwapping! [nerdbastards]

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