But Can I Get Them in Growed-Up Sizes?

May 6, 2011


These are some cute assed (LITERALLY!) Hello Kitty pants etsy user Mazter knit for her daughter. Only catch is, she isn't selling the pants themselves, just the pattern. So you'll just have to order the pattern and then ask your mom to PICK UP THOSE NEEDLES AND GET CRACKIN CAUSE THESE PANTS AREN'T GONNA KNIT THEMSELVES, MA!
Welp, the bad news is, my mom just informed me (yelling, upstairs, from the kitchen) she is opting out of the project on account of the end result being too unflattering on me. Says I got a chunky butt :/

Hello Kitty Pants of the Day [thedailywhat]

Thanks to candycanesally, who is not nearly as sweet as her name would lead you to believe. You mad about something, grill?

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