British Interneters To Play Farmville IRL

May 4, 2011


Wimpole Home Farm (wimpole's have homes?!), a national trust farm in Britain, will allow up to 10,000 online farmers vote to make key decisions in the operations of the farm (whether to grow weed, kill Wilbur, etc.) for a £30 annual fee. Everything's gonna die!

Subscribers will be expected to make key decisions on which crops to plant, which animals to buy and whether to put in measures such as new hedgerows to help wildlife.

They will be asked to make 12 major monthly decisions during the course of the year as well as other choices.

The MyFarm website will feature video updates, webcams, information about farming and expert opinion and subscribers will also be entitled to a family ticket to visit the site.

Wimpole Home Farm's farm manager, Richard Morris, said: "MyFarm is Farmville for real. Real farming decisions with real farming consequences.

Damn, that actually sounds pretty interesting. Is playing Farmville anything like this? Because if it is I could really see myself getting into it! "Do and die."
Oh shit a lonely brown cow just wandered onto my farm! "WHAT THE F*** DID I JUST TELL YOU?!" No clue I was busy logging into Facebook.

National Trust's Wimpole Home Farm seeks online farmers [bbcnews]

Thanks to ProjectStupid, codename for virtually everything I do (besides ProjectRunway).

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