Bleak: Dodge's Vision Of Our Robotic Future

May 3, 2011


Seen here trying to lure in a passenger with the promise of an HJ (despite having every intention of mangling a wiener), a robotic driver beckons a man into its death trap. Pretty scary, right? I'm glad there are still companies out there (okay, maybe only Dodge) that give enough of a dang about humanity's future to spend some advertising dollars shedding some light on the robo-apocalypse. Plus -- PLUS -- the dude in the commercial actually tears a robot's head off. That's like porn to me! Porn I really regret my roommate caught me watching. Plus the clown one.

Hit the jump for the damn, now I kind of want a Charger.

Watch a horrifying car ad that shows our robot-dominated future [io9]

Thanks to Adam, who agree the only thing robots are good at driving is humanity to the brink of extinction.

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