Bicycle Made Entirely Out Of LEGO Bricks

May 13, 2011


In other loosely related 'things with wheels' news, here's a model of a bicycle made entirely out of LEGO bricks that was spotted by LEGOmaniac (and Flickr user) Brickapolis on display at North Carolina's Brickmagic modular plastic block festival. As you can see, it completely defies the laws of physics. Nice try guys, but I know a bunch of LEGO blocks glued to a real bike when I see one! Also, looks like the back tire's valve cap fell off. You might wanna pick that up before I decide to put it in my mouth.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the impressiveness.




Brickapolis' Flickr
I'd Ride That: Man Builds Full-Size LEGO Bicycle [obviouswinner]

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