Batman Gets His Ass Handed To Him In Vegas

May 12, 2011


WARNING: Videos after the jump will 100% prevent you from ever looking at Batman the same again.

Some jerk-off tourist, clearly pissed Batman's grappling hook turned out to be a hairbrush tied to a ball of yarn, decided to beat the shit out of the masked crusader on a street-corner in Las Vegas. It, uh, gets pretty brutal. Luckily, the first video I embedded after the jump has comical 'BIFF!', 'POW!' and 'SLAM!' effects added to make it more tolerable. The whole, unedited (and much sadder) video follows, which may or may yes included Gotham's greatest hero grabbing his Batpeen and telling the villain to "suck his m'er f'in d". Daaaaaaamn Bruce -- Robin's gonna be jealous as a mofro!

Hit the jump for a whole bunch of superhero sadness.


Thanks to Grant, Claire, jeffinator and Slo, who just had their whole childhoods turned upside down.

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