Back In The Bowl!: Jumping Jello At 6,200 FPS

May 2, 2011


This is a video of jumping Jello cubes shot at 6,200 frames-per-second. It's pretty soothing. Unfortunately, it's hard to imagine they're titties doing all that jiggling because 1. they're red see-thru 2. cherry flavored (the closest I've tasted is a buttery nipple) and 3. square. Square boobs = triangle nipples. It's true, a guy in porn told me. Did I say in? I meant into. He's really just a perverted neighbor. GOD, TURN THE 3-WAY DOWN I'M TRYING TO BLOG OVER HERE.

Hit the jump and prepared to be hypnotized. You are getting veeeeeery sleepy. Your eyelids are getting heavy. Just relaaaaaax SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM! Haha, you looked like your heart just exploded! Hello? HELLO?!


Jello Hypnotically Bouncing at 6200 Frames Per Second [gizmodo]

Thanks to Jerry, who likes his Jello how he likes his puff: Jiggly.

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