Another Day, Another Awesome Parent: New Father Makes Toy Phone Say Curse Word

May 17, 2011


Note: Video audio is VERY NSFW on account of "motherf'er'" over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

This is a video of a new father after learning how to get his child's toy telephone to say 'motherf'er'. Based on the fact that he took the time to videotape himself doing it and then posted it on Youtube, he's probably going to be a terrible parent. Still, beats a dad who'll leave you under a laundry basket with a cinderblock on top of it while he goes out drinking. Or does it? I call it a toss-up. Push my water bowl a little closer?

Hit the jump for the NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW video.


Thanks to killerabbit, not to be confused with the Trix Rabbit, who's obsessed with getting his lucky little feet on a bowl of shitty breakfast cereal.

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