A Sitcom Waiting To Happen: Somebody's Grandpa Using Twitter As A Search Engine

May 18, 2011


Note: Long-ass screencap of all his searches to date HERE.

These are allegedly the search queries of an 81-year old grandpa whose elder-disrespecting son has convinced Twitter is a search engine. It has highly questionable written all over it considering 1. gramps only makes like one or two searches a day and 2. never gets any results but keeps trying. Okay, that second one actually makes it sound believable. Still, some freebies in case you ever get stuck:

bob barker girls
is rapture really saturday?
boner pill side effects
mexico pharmacy
the golf channel disappeared
lawn deterrent
stop pop ups
tv guide
tempurpedic mattress cancer
joint paint
meryl streep oops picture
delete internet history

That wasn't so hard. I call kid trying to score a book/sitcom deal. Is 'Shit my Dad Says' even on the air anymore? *Googling -- but not on Twitter like Methuselah here* Cancelled after the first season -- shocking. God, somebody green-light my f***ing show already -- I've got at least enough good (fap) material to go two.

Oldmansearch on Twitter
Geekologie on Twitter (because why not?)

Thanks to Tom, who uses Youtube as a search engine and stays entertained for hours.

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