5-Minutes Of Portal 2 Cube Trick Shots

May 2, 2011


WARNING: Video may contain spoilers I have no idea I'm grounded and can't play video games.

You played through that new Portal game yet? I haven't, my therapist doesn't want me playing any games with guns. "But it's not even a real gun!" I know, that's what I keep telling him (plus 'hands off!'). That said, I did knock a portal from the bathroom into my bedroom closet so I don't have to leave the warmth of a freshly taken shower to pick out pajamas. Also, the monsters that live in there like to watch while I shower. That or they just really love my singing. *pressing buttocks against shower door*

♫ Chocolate rain, hum dum dee-doo-dee dum dum dee-doo-dee yeah ♫

That one goes out to you in the back. Yes, with the big spike on your head -- now stop touching me in my sleep.

Hit the jump for 5-minutes of Portal cube trick shots (think beerpong trick shots but inside a video game and with way less drinking).


Thanks to Brett, Periscope and garren, who have all dropped companion cubes off the roof of the middle school but their eggs inside broke so they got C's on the project.

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