Bad Ideas: The Dog-Walking Leash Gun

April 4, 2011


The Povodokus is a conceptual dog leash that makes it look like you're shooting your dog. HAHA -- SO FUNNY. Because there's nothing better than strolling your dog around the neighborhood with something that looks like a gun to get the cops called. "Hello, 911? Remember that guy I keep calling about? The one I suspect is growing weed and likes to park his car in other people's yards? Yeah, him. Well now he's patrolling the neighborhood with a dog and handgun. It doesn't look like a 'neighborhood watch' kind of situation either. Okay now his dog's shitting on the sidewalk. Oh -- oh God, he's not picking it up. HE'S NOT PICKING IT UP!! Send Robocop, STAT.

Hit the jump for two more shots of the only dog leash that'll get you tased by the 5-0.



Dog on a Gun! [yankodesign]

Thanks to Dannysaurus: half Danny, half saurus, all sexy as f***.

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