Unstoppable!: My 8,000th Geekologie Article

April 12, 2011


That's me!

Aaaaaaand I'm back. All signs point to yesterday's surgery being a success, and I've since returned home higher than a drug mule that just had a narcotic-packed balloon pop in his @$$hole. I'll be downing these pain pills like Easter candy (which they might be) for the week, so you'll have to excuse me if I'm difficult. Or easy. *seductively gesturing to crotch with lazy-eye* Anyway, 3-years and 8-months in the making, this is my 8,000th Geekologie post. That's like 200 jokes, maybe more. On the articles, you readers (and fake Louis Vuitton-hocking hosebags) have produced over 293,073 comments (at least a tenth of which are FIRST-related). That's a lot. Granted not as many as grains of sand on a beach, but pretty close if you count all the cigarette butts and washed up jellyfish. *clink* Here's to 10K! Or dying trying. Or dying not trying but in my annual stunt spectacular.

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