You Did It Right: News Host Convinces Cohost To Lick iPad As Part Of April Fools' Prank

April 6, 2011


I'd like to think the 69 in that box was part of the gag too.

This is a video of a local Fox news host convincing his cohost (or his host. Or maybe they're both hosts and there is no cohost -- the point is I'm not sexist) that there's a new iPhone/iPad app that allows you to taste and smell different foods through the use of energy emitting piezo-electrics. They even made a little graphic mock-up explaining how the technology works to make the bit more believable. The rest, as they say, is iPad licking history. "Nobody's ever said that." Oh yeah? Well nobody's ever said they've loved me either. BOOM -- GW casts 'sadness outta nowhere'.

Hit the jump for the very worthwhile "damn lady, you got had hard."

Local News Team Tricks Anchor Into Licking iPad [gizmodo]

Thanks to Douglas, who convinced a coworker they were getting fired for April Fools'. Which was awesome until said worker went and dropped a deuce in the boss's wastebasket while he was in the middle of an important conference call with their biggest client. Then it became less awesome and more TOTALLY F***IN' EPIC BRO, HIGH-FIVE!

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