Art As Awareness: X-Ray Animal Origami

April 29, 2011


You know what I want to get into? Taxidermy. Just kidding, but I would get into a bed made of pillows and sleep for like two weeks straight. You know, or a car with a stranger. Candy or not, he's cute!

'oritsunagumono' (translated as 'things folded and connected') is a collection of origami works by artist takayuki hori, created to highlight the environmental threat of pollution to a number of species native to japan's coastal waterways.

each translucent sheet is first printed with either the images of fragments of an animal's skeleton, or, on some pages, human-made discarded objects that are often ingested by the animals in the wild. using the ancient tradition of folded paper, hori assembles the pages into a three-dimensional model. once the paper is folded, the printed components are united as a whole, telling the visual story of the animal's plight to survive in an increasingly polluted and hazardous ecosystem.

Dammit, why's everything always gotta be about something? How come we can't just have x-ray origami animals without the sad commentary? Great, now I'm all depressed about birds. One time I knew a goose that was in love with a duck. They lived in my apartment's parking lot. Personally, I don't know what that duck saw in him.

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Thanks to Christina, who once forgot to wear her lead smock at the dentist's during x-rays and now has all kinds of midi-chlorians floating around in her and she can move stuff with her mind. Seriously?! Because my car's in the apartment pool again.

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