Way To Start The Weekend: A Dancing Robot

April 22, 2011


This is a video of a creepy-as-f*** dancing robot. Except it doesn't really dance as much as it just stands there waving its arms around like it's trying to guide a plane into its terminal but having a seizure at the same time. It's fairly seductive. But no worries, I'm not about to take my clothes off (they already are) and throw myself at the thing. I mean, look at those eyes. My friends(!!!!11) would never let live down sleeping with something with eyes like that. Just sayin', one time I made out with this chick with a dick (way bigger than mine) and I'm STILL hearing about it. God, that was March guys -- give it a rest!

Hit the jump for a student explaining Dance-Bot but really just dying to cut in.

Ph.D. student subjects advanced robot to dance, embarrassment [engadget]

Thanks to Keith, Daniel L. and rimrod, who would rather dance with the devil. Really? I'd rather dance with real pretty girl with knockers right in my face.

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