Um, Yay?: White iPhone 4 For Sale Tomorrow

April 27, 2011


Because there's nothing that makes a fanboy pop boners quite like color options (seriously, that's all it takes sometimes -- and only black and white), Apple is releasing the long-awaited white iPhone 4 tomorrow for the same price as the black model. So yeah, if you've been holding out on an iPhone 4 until there was a white one, congratulations, you have got to be the worst cell phone buyer ever. And, if you already have a black one and are now going to go out and purchase a white one, well, you're just a terrible person. Like, awful -- I can't even look at you. And I'm not just saying that because that mole on your neck is f***ing staring at me, but you better get that thing checked out before it starts talking.

White iPhone 4 Goes On Sale Thursday [pcworld]

Thanks to Jake, who still rocks a bimini blue Motorola Pronto Plus pager. OMG I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ONE!!

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