Uh-Oh: Robots Now Administering Anesthesia

April 20, 2011


Just kidding, robots have actually been administering anesthesia since 2008, this one just stuffs the breathing tube down your throat instead of a doctor doing it by hand. Look at the picture -- you'd think censoring just the guy's eyes would be enough, right? WRONG. They had to censor the whole face because he's crying blood. True story. Okay so maybe I was sensationalizing, but only to make a point. That point being fear-mongering. GAH THEY'RE GOING TO KILL US ALL.

Pretty much any time a patient is placed under a general anesthetic, a plastic endotracheal tube is inserted down their throat, in order to keep their airway open. The procedure is known as intubation, and has so far always been performed by hand.

The robotic system is called the Kepler Intubation System (KIS), and was developed by McGill Professor of Anesthesia Dr. Thomas M. Hemmerling and his team.

After a period of practicing on medical simulation mannequins, field testing of KIS on human patients has now begun.

"We think that The Kepler Intubation System can assist the anesthesiologist's arms and hands to perform manual tasks with less force, higher precision and safety," said Hemmerling. "One day, it might actually be the standard practice of airway management."

Raise your hand if you're cool with a robot stuffing a tube down your throat. Okay, now what about a sock? Fun fact: robots can't tell the difference. Have fun getting smothered, morons!

World's first intubation robot tested on human subjects [gizmag]

Thanks to Yannick, who'd rather stuff a length of copper pipe down his throat himself than have a robot touch him with a McDonalds straw.

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