Uh-Oh: Lab-Grown Human Skin Now Being Produced In German Robot-Controlled Factory

April 18, 2011


Just writing the title made me pee a little lot.

Seen here looking like something I'd think twice before putting in my mouth (but ultimately still would, even if it came off the floor), a "biological vascularized scaffold" upon which human skin can be grown is displayed. *puking chili* Damn, a picture of a scarred arm would have worked too you know!

The factory can produce 5,000 penny-sized discs of whitish translucent tissue every month. The designers say it can also come in shades of brown. Each disc will cost about $72, a bit more than expected when the project was in its planning stages two years ago.

Robots and computers control the skin-making process, which takes place in a sterile, climate-controlled setting. The skin broth is closely monitored for any signs of infection and computers guide the lasers and blades that cut swatches of skin. The goal is to pave the way for factory-produced human tissue, complete with blood vessels, that could be used to treat injuries or various medical conditions.

For now, the tissue is being used in animal testing and could even be used for products like cosmetics, but it is still a long way from being transplanted.

Of course it's still a long way from being transplanted, there are all kinds of rules and regulations about that shit. But who cares -- what I wanna know is what it tastes like. "YOU'RE F***ING SICK, GW!" Am I, or am I a bon vivant? *picks and eats scab*

Now In Production: Human Skin Grown In a Robot-Controlled German Skin Factory [popsci]

Thanks to joe and jdivo, who could each have two full-size bowling ball bags made out of their ballsacks if they wanted but they don't want BECAUSE THEY VALUE THEIR NUTS. Mmmm, love me some pistachios.

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