Too Far: Social Networking Pepsi Machines

April 29, 2011


Pepsi plans to introduce a new line of touchscreen Pepsi machines that, not only serve cold beverages (♫ I like cold beverages ♫), but also help you interact with your friends by buying them sodas. Which, for the record -- I AM NOT YOUR SUGAR DADDY. Get it? Because of all the sugar in soda! That's why kids are so chubby.

The new machines of course let you buy a beverage via a fancy animated UI, complete with swipe controls, but they also let you gift a Pepsi to a friend, or even a complete stranger through "Random Acts of Refreshment".

All you have to do is enter a friend's name and cell phone number (I'm sure PepsiCo has NO plans to keep a database of such details) and they'll receive a txt message with a special code that can be redeemed at any of the interactive machines. You even have the option of recording a 10-second personalized video message that will be played back when they redeem it. Or, you can send a caffeinated gift to a complete stranger in a different city if you're feeling particularly philanthropic.

Yeah, how about no. The only social networking Pepsi machine I need is one that can communicate with the vending machine next to it to choose the best snack to accompany my Mountain Dew. I kid, I kid. IT'S FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS, DERDER.

Hit the jump for a video demo or something (I dunno, it looked boring so I skipped it).

PepsiCo's New Social Vending Machines [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Scabies. No seriously, I f***ing love itching (jerk).

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