THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE (HUNDRED): IGN's Top Pokemon Characters Contest

April 13, 2011


IGN is running a voting contest until the 20th to decide the 100 best Pokemon characters. And I assume by "best" they mean "favorite", because this thing looks like a high school popularity contest if I've ever seen one. And if there's one thing I know about high school popularity contests, it's starting a rumor you kissed the prettiest girl in your class won't win you anything but a black-eye from her boyfriend. GAH -- I knew I should've told them I was an alien! Feel free to vote all you want hoping Squirtle makes the top ten. Alternatively, stop wasting your f***ing time and read through the Geekologie archives -- you're bound to learn something in there. Possibly a golden nugget of truth about life and the pursuit of happiness! Or a silver ingot about successful relationships! Ooooooooor a turd about my wiener. Doubles as a rollling-pin, just sayin'.

Official Voting Site
What is IGN's Pokemon Face-Off? [ign]

Thanks to laurieisking, who should technically probably be a queen but I'm not here to judge, I'm here to pretend to judge and give the same score as the guy next to me.

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