The Game of Love: Tetris Heart Tattoos

April 18, 2011


Note: Larger version HERE in case you're determined to count how many individual blocks make up each heart (SPOILER: 95. I counted -- twice).

Seen here looking suspiciously veinless (VAMPIRES!) two lovas show off their matching Tetris tattoos as a sign of...something. Love maybre? I drunno. I do Draino though, which is why I'm vomiting blood.

My fiance and I got these tetris hearts for valentines day in 2010. We are both huge video game geeks who love tetris, so this was perfect for us!

You know what else is perfect for you two? Each other. Now that's the closest you'll ever get to my blessing, so I strongly suggest a shotgun wedding before I change my mind and decide you look like siblings. Which -- too late. Same forearms.

tetris heart tattoos [f***yeahtattoos]
We go together like backwards Z's and upside-down T's [albotas]

Thanks to Marley, who got matching 'Words with Friends' tattoos with her boyfriend because they're both shameful human beings.

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