That...Doesn't Look Street Legal: The Most #$%&ed Up SUV That's Still Driveable

April 18, 2011


Train > truck, just sayin'.

Seen here looking like it could use a couple dents sucked out, this is a video of a Chinese SUV driving in Russia. Not sure if it's a concept vehicle or what, but you've got to admit it does look pretty futuristic. Get it?! Because earth's gonna be reduced an apocalyptic wasteland after the robots are finished pillaging the shit out of it! And speaking of pillage -- my girlfriend tried to convince me that's the technical term for the little wads of toilet paper that Velcro themselves to your butthair after you wipe too aggressively (or use store-brand). I believed her too, which is why I just spent 20 minutes searching around online trying to verify it WITH ZERO LUCK. Who lies about butt-crumbs?!?!

Hit the jump for the 'driving with a deployed airbag in your lap'.


Thanks to Monica and brodes, who don't drive anything BUT THE OPPOSITE SEX WILD! Soooooooooo -- what you're saying is neither one of you has a car.

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