Swimming In Molten Steel: Terminator 2 Cake

April 14, 2011


You remember watching 'Terminator 2' for the first time, when, after finally defeating the T-1000, the original (Schwarzenegger) Terminator sacrifices himself in the same vat of molten steel so his technology can't be used to create Skynet? I do -- like it was yesterday. I was so f***ing excited I stood up and started cheering in the theater. Then tore my shirt off and swung it around over my head like a pillowcase full of cat turds yelling, 'THIS THEATER'S POPCORN TASTES LIKE BURNT, BUTTERED @$$HOLES!" Then I hid in the bathroom feigning diarrhea for 45-minutes before sneaking into a 'Point Break' matinee. Double feature FTW!

Terminator 2 Cake [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Christopher, who refuses to eat any piece of cake that may have come in contact with an action figure. Oh come on -- it's not like some guy had the toy down his pants. Right? Right?! *scraping tongue with napkin*

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