Surgery (I'll Be Hopped Up On Meds All Week)

April 11, 2011


I trust her.

Hey guys, by the time you read this I'll be mid-operation. Nothing serious, apparently they just have to perform really drastic wiener reductions in phases. Thankfully, I wrote a bunch of articles yesterday that should auto-populate the site while I'm out today. If all goes well I should be back home tomorrow and all kinds of wacked out on pain meds. I'll have absolutely zero idea what I'm writing or any recollection of what I just published which is exactly how I operate so you probably won't notice a thing. HIYO! Here's to not passing out in the waiting room like last time. Or the doctor leaving forceps inside me. Or getting groped while I'm under. Or -- okay now I'm freaking myself out. See you all tomorrow, be good.

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