Super Mario Magic: Beating Four Mario Games At Once With A Single Controller's Input

April 4, 2011


This is a video of a guy allegedly beating four Mario games at once (1, 2, 2 Japan aka The Lost Levels and 3) using a single controller input in an 11-minute tool-assisted speed run. I'm not gonna lie, just watching it made my head 'esplode. Ears too. I actually took the time to read some of the comments on Youtube and people were (unsurprisingly) calling it fake on account of some of the jumps looking mistimed, so who knows. Only God and the guy who made the video, that's who. Personally, I'd like to believe it's real. Of course I'd also like to believe the Tooth Fairy's real because I just chiseled out a couple molars in the back that I don't really use. What do you think adult teeth are worth anyways? "The tooth fairy is your parents." WHAT IN THE -- a buck apiece?

UPDATE, per commenter Otto: It's not fake, it's a TAS. TAS = Tool Assisted Speedrun. Basically, instead of playing the game, the person puts the button presses in with frame level timing, so that the game plays itself. By adjusting the timing of the presses, you can sometimes achieve strange effects by doing things that are impossible with an actual controller. So what's happening here is that the guy made a set of presses that worked on all four games simultaneously. He exploits the timing a bunch so that some jumps needed for one guy happen when the other guy is in the air or between levels or whatever. The moving backwards on one while forwards on another can be achieved in some games by doing things like pressing both left and right at the same time, which is impossible to do with a controller, but totally doable if you're controlling what button is being pressed at the frame timing level. So no, it's not fake, but it is using tricks that you can't actually do with a real controller.

Hit the jump for more than ten-minutes of WTFery (plus game-endings!)


Thanks to Matt, who claims he once beat Altered Beast, Ecco the Dolphin and Sonics 1 and 2 at the same time with a single controller. Controller, or magic wand? STOP WASTING SPELLS!

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