Suicidal Naked Man Shoots Police Robot

April 8, 2011


A suicidal naked man, obviously pissed he had no clean boxers, shot a SWAT robot with an AK-47 after it entered his home to check on him. Well you really can't blame him for that.

Authorities said a man with several guns was suicidal and threatening authorities.

Instead of risking any lives, deputies sent the $65,000 robot into the home. The robot has cameras, which record all of its actions.

The video shows the robot searching each room, its electronic eye roving from side to side while officers watch safely from a command post.

As the robot slowly pushed the man's bedroom door open, the man came out, stark naked, with an AK-47 in hand. The man then started shooting at the robot.

The robot came away with bullet holes, frayed wires and broken cables, but no one was hurt.

The man was charged with criminal mischief.

Criminal mischief, that's it?! You could at least charge him with 'burning my f***ing eyeballs out' and animal cruelty on account of that dog in the video having to deal with his wiener flopping around and FIRING AN ASSAULT RIFLE INSIDE. I say we throw the book at him. "What book?" Any of them, I don't care -- just not my copy of 'The Giving Tree'.

Actual video footage (censored) from the robot after the jump.

Naked Man With AK-47 Fires At SWAT Robot [wesh]

Thanks to Mischa, Kristian, HiDefChef, Stephen and Heather, who have never exposed themselves to robots and don't plan on starting anytime soon.

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