Sticky Business: Packing Tape Art Contest

April 1, 2011


Sticky business -- wocka wocka wocka!

Packing tape: it's not just for holding my phone together anymore. In an effort to provide an unconventional means for artists to display their talent sell the everliving shit out of some packing tape, Scotch (the adhesive company, not the old-man drink that makes me feel warm and happy inside -- then violent and destructive) is running a contest to showcase the tape's versatility...or something. I don't know man -- I'm blogging from the bar.

The models had to be made using Scotch packaging tape and the winning entry will receive £3,100 when judging takes place next month.

The entries are typically made from between 30 and 50 rolls of tape and take days to complete.

They are made by sticking bits of tape together in a 'free-form' style or by wrapping them around objects which are then removed from the piece.

Other materials, such as wire, cardboard and paint, can make up to ten per cent of the model if used to support or enhance it.

'Many of the entrants photograph their sculptures in settings that help to bring their pieces to life, which helps us all to relate them.

"Bringing pieces to life and relating to them"? What is this, Pinocchio? And, if so, somebody wanna make me a love-doll? Preferably one without a mouth. "But that eliminates an entire entrance hole!" Not worth it -- I SAID NO MOUTH. Big ears a must.

Hit the jump for a bunch more, including one that I'm fairly certain is a gangbang.









On a roll: The incredible sculptures made from sticky tape [dailymail]

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, who can make anything you want out of packing tape provided its "a box stay closed".

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