Star Trexels: 235 Pixelated Characters

April 8, 2011


Note: Slightly larger (but still very pixel-y) version HERE.

This is a chart of 235 pixelated Star Trek characters by illustrator John Martz. You can get a numbered chart HERE and try to name them all by the 12th, with the two people who can name the most receiving free prints at John's website. Here, I'll get you started:

Top row, middle: Cheetarah
Top row, fifth from right: guy in an albino Godzilla costume (I'd hit it)
Top row: third from right: She-Hulk
Last in that row: He-Man
Second row, fifth from left: invisible litterbox
Two right from that: Professor X
Three right from him: lava
Five right from it: tin man
Fourth row, second from right: Karate Kid
Eight right from him: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Fifth row, sixth from right: Indiana Jones
Two right from him: Lincoln
Last in that row: Garfield
Sixth row, first on left: Edward Scissorhands

I think that's more than enough of a head-start. No need to thank me, I've just seen a lot of Star Trek. Like, every episode.

John's Website (with prints for sale)
Trexels: 235 Star Trek Characters In Awesome Pixelations [bitrebels]

Thanks to Olivia, who could name them all if she wanted but she's being all coy about it and pretending she doesn't know a few.

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