Spirals: The Future Of Pen Technology

April 22, 2011


Kidding, I'm pretty sure the future of pen technology is writing with lasers. Could you imagine signing your name with a laser-pen? I can, and not just because I've practiced with my penis in the snow, but I have and I can do it in block letters AND cursive. So yeah, spiraling the ink chamber in ballpoint pens to fit twice the ink. It's magic. Just not the kind you want to see at a friend's birthday party. YOU SUCK MR. MAGICIAN -- CUT A MILF IN HALF ALREADY!

The concept design makes much the refill's reduced environmental impact, claiming that you'll create less plastic waste as you'll be tossing away fewer pens. But what about the refill itself? The normal, skinny refills can be packed close together into shipping boxes, whereas the spiral will take up a lot more space. Still, it's worth it, if only because most people throw away pens when they're empty.

Damn, why didn't I think of that. Oh right, I DID. *suing* I thought pens were biodegradable anyways. I've been planting them like they are. I jest, I know they're not actually biodegradable. They are degradable though. AREN'T YOU, YOU STUPID PEN?! I SWEAR, YOU ARE SO DUMB! *holding in urine stream*

Spiral Makes a Difference [yankodesign]
Spiral-Shaped Ballpen Refill Packs Double the Ink [wired]

Thanks to Jodie, who writes the old fashioned way: with a chisel and two stone tablets. Biblical!

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