Sneak Peep At The New X-Men Anime Series

April 4, 2011


This is a sneaky peep of the 1:00 opening credits to the new X-Men anime series. Granted it's no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opener, but what are you gonna do? SPOILER: Get high and watch DuckTales.

Madhouse's X-Men anime finally kicked off in Japan on Friday, making the wait for G4's planned summer premiere in the US (which will also be joined by the Iron Man and Wolverine anime series) all the more excruciating for excited fans. Antsy otaku can take some comfort in the new opening credits footage, which not only provides a proper visual to the show's synopsis, but also provides glimpses of Jean Grey's rise and fall as Phoenix/Dark Phoenix.

Sure, catching a glimpse of Jean Grey's rise and fall as Pheonix/Dark Phoenix is cool and all, but you know what would've been even cooler? Catching a glimpse of her underwear. Or, I dunno, maybe even a little nip. Not beast's though, I heard his are the size of dinner plates. Big hairy blue dinner plates. Now I know what you're thinking, and yes, one time Wolverine did trick Cyclops into licking them.

Hit the jump to get your Saturday morning on.

Peep the 'X-Men' Anime Opening Credits a Little Early [comicsalliance]

Thanks to Jorge, who likes his anime like he likes his instruction manuals: in a language he can't understand. I know, right?! It makes building things so much more fun!

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