SlobStopper: An Adult Bib For In-Car Use

April 8, 2011


But can I get one with a lobster print on the front?

The SlobStopper is an adult bib designed for in-car use so you don't scald your balls off with hot coffee or stain your dress with milk while eating a bowl of cereal and driving WHICH I'VE SEEN WITH MY OWN EYES.

Slobstopper is an adult bib meant to fix those messy spills and stains, especially for the busy, commuter lifestyle.

Made of the highest quality materials, the SlobStopperâ„¢ is constructed with two layers of PUL (polyurethane laminate), a thin absorbent fabric permanently laminated to a thin, waterproof barrier.

Made in the USA, you will not find a more durable, higher quality bib anywhere.

SlobStoppers are available in green, blue and black for $15 plus $6 shipping and make the perfect gift for absolutely nobody. God, cut a hole at the end of an old beach towel like a normal person. Doubles as a superhero cape, just sayin'!

Hit the jump for two incredibly terrible commercials.

Official Site

Thanks to Casey, who bought two, one for the front, one for the back. Good lord -- LEARN HOW TO DRINK.

  • Harry Potter

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  • WakeUp2Reality

    This is actually a really useful invention. Should have a pocket at the bottom that sticks out like a kid's bib which catches any food that falls down. Prevent a mess on the floor of the car AND stains off of pants.

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