Razor Scooters: Now With Graffiti And Fire

April 29, 2011


I've never owned a Razor scooter. I tried a friend's once but I fell off a curb and scraped my knees really bad. There was blood. Also: townspeople laughing. Now I live all alone in a bell tower, ashamed. I did make a zip-line though so that's pretty coo. Razor scooters with integrated chalk ($60) and spark-bars ($180, electric):

Their Graffiti scooter has a patented 'chalk scribbler' on the back which lets the rider lay down a set of parallel chalk lines while rolling down the street.

But it's their eSpark scooter that has me really concerned. Instead of pieces of chalk hanging off the back it's got a 'spark bar' letting riders leave behind a trail of incendiary sparks...on a single 8-hour charge it can run for about 40 minutes with a top speed of up to 10mph

Eh, the chalk one is pretty worthless considering you couldn't even write 'PENIS' if you tried. Or anything really besides lines. Admittedly, I could use the eSpark for my stunt spectacular provided it can ignite gasoline-soaked concrete and the noise doesn't spook the tigers.

Razor Scooters Now All About Vandalism And Starting Forest Fires [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Charles, who has a skateboard that shoots flames. *looking* Yeaaaaaah, that's not a skateboard that's a jetpack.

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